3-Storey Residence@Lucban, Quezon (COMPLETED)

It is not always easy to let go of that familiar place, to make way for something new. Trading sentimental value to practicality and efficiency of spaces was not an easy choice for a family who has owned this ancestral home of theirs for decades. The biggest design challenge here is the tight space that needed to accommodate a party of at least 20 people during family events, fiestas and other gatherings. Having to comply with the new setback requirements implemented by the Municipality of Lucban, as opposed to the previous narrower setbacks during pre-demolition, meant dealing with a smaller building footprint; henceforth, a third level. A more modern-naturalistic approach seemed most suitable for the design challenge, working budget, aesthetic relevance and context. Setting back the third level gave the general mass a more "2-storey building feel" which took into consideration the existing neighbor's height. The modern form had the structure being very much recognizable from these two main streets of the Town. The architectural language inside and out meant having well defined geometries, neutral colors and natural textures and shades as the key design palette. The generally white interiors make the small spaces look loftier. Furniture and lighting fixtures act as accents, meant to make the areas look interesting, against the backdrop of neutral and natural color tones and subtle textures.